About Us

In 2004 founding members of Cistra Technologies Inc. realized that large gaps and differences existed in the performance and capability between large and small companies' computing environments, thus giving an unfair competitive advantage based on company size and structure. Our founding members set out to develop an Enterprise computing environment for use by small and medium sized businesses at prices they could afford.

Investing over 20,000 man-hours of time into research, development and testing, and further building on a cross section of IT Specialists and Business Professionals, led to the formation of Calgary based, Cistra Technologies Inc in 2005.

Today, not only are we very proud of our past accomplishments, and our flagship system "Cistra Innoterm", but of our people...

Kevin Herkendaal
Managing Director/Operations & Systems Implementation

Mr. Herkendaal is one of the original founders and visionaries behind the companies' flagship product Cistra Innoterm. His unyielding passion and leadership has been the cornerstone for Cistra Technologies Inc.

Mr. Herkendaal is responsible for the coordination of business development activities, general management, and oversees client Application & Implementation of Cistra Innoterm.

Along with a B.Tech in CIS, and various management certifications; he brings 19 years of experience in SMB management and IT consulting in industries such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Financial Services and the Medical Industry.

His thorough understanding of SMB market gaps in Information Technology has lead to his innovative ideas and system enhancements, creating a unique bridge between enterprise level systems and SMB needs.

Ken Shuler
Managing Director/Systems Operation

Mr. Shuler is responsible for overseeing and providing operational leadership for Cistra's operating systems & data-centers. As a founding member of Cistra Technologies Inc., Mr. Shuler was instrumental in the development, implementation and execution of Cistra's flagship product, Cistra Innoterm.

With over 17 years of experience as an accomplished technician and professional administrator in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS; coupled with his past business experience in sales, marketing and general management, as a successful entrepreneur of several companies; he has been a driving force in understanding the needs and developing new creative and innovative solutions for the SMB IT market in which Cistra operates.

Daniel Fraser
Managing Director/Management/Business Operations

Mr. Fraser is responsible for the day to day management of business operations of Cistra Technologies Inc. He is a key member of the leadership team and plays an important role in corporate strategy, operational efficiency, and corporate reporting.

Mr. Fraser brings to the Cistra team a strong management background with over twenty years of leadership supported by a BA from Brock University, certification with the Canadian Institute of Management, and an MBA from Queens University with a special focus on entrepreneurialism within the global marketplace.

Mr. Fraser has a proven track record of forecasting and delivery within a fast paced, customer focused, electronics manufacturing environment; has been involved in the direction of several not-for-profit organizations with over 11 years in various board positions. His other experience includes senior leadership roles in various start-up ventures and rapid growth companies.

Glenn Chomiak
Managing Director/Corporate Operations

Mr. Chomiak is responsible for operational and strategic planning, business development, sales & marketing initiatives, and provides overall leadership and direction to the Cistra team.

Glenn's business education, experience and professional career spans over 23 years and encompasses varying degrees of successful multi-tasking roles and positions as an accomplished Entrepreneur, Senior Level Executive, Managing Director, Corporate Advisor, Board Member, and Professional Coach; collaborating with New Business Venture start up, corporate diversification/expansion, senior level operations & sales, strategic planning & corporate advisory, business consulting, business mediation, & Executive Coaching.

His foundation of business knowledge stems from his recognized accomplishments in industries such as Oil & Gas Distribution, Medical Information Technology, Medical Communications, New Home Construction, Business Consulting, Mediation, Professional Development/Business Coaching & Mentorship.

He is currently involved as a Corporate Board Member for several private companies, been featured in the "Working" section of The Calgary Herald; he has owned & co-owned seven highly successful businesses throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, & British Columbia.

Michael Dolton
Director/Systems Support

Mr. Dolton a founding member of Cistra Technologies Inc. and was a huge contributor to the development and design of Cistra Innoterm.

Mr. Dolton holds a diploma in Electronic Engineering Technology, whereby he assists and consults in the areas of system application & Customer Support. He brings to Cistra 12 years of experience & knowledge in current positions of Customer Support Engineer, Customer Support Manager and IT Manager of the a multinational manufacturing company.

Having the ability to develop new methodologies and technologies; coupled with his strong capabilities in communication, customer support, and end user results, he is a key member of the Cistra team.

Leon Kemp
Director/Systems Advisor

Mr. Kemp is a founding member of Cistra Technologies Inc. and one of the pillars behind the concept, development and design of Cistra Innoterm.

Mr. Kemp holds an honors diploma in Network Administration, and is a recognized and accomplished systems programmer, with extensive experience working within national and multi-national companies and IT consulting. His keen understanding and vision of future IT development lead to Cistra's current business model and market selection.

Having the natural ability and experience to think and formulate on a systems level; he is instrumental leading testing and implementation of new and future technologies, products and services.

Mr. Kemp's relentless drive and commitment to project and company success, gives rise to being a key contributor and leader for Cistra Technologies Inc.

Neil Kemp
Cistra Advisory Board

Mr. Kemp brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Cistra Technologies Inc. As an experienced senior consultant with 25 years of diverse business and IT systems experience, he acts as a member of the companies' advisory Board as well as company business and systems consultant.

Mr. Kemp has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of project management, project process improvement and in project and engineering best practices in the areas of software, business and information architecture.

In addition to his extensive professional accreditations and qualifications, in business and IT, Mr. Kemp holds a B.A. from the University of Lethbridge, an MBA from Queens University, and has been accepted into and attended Masters of Software Engineering Program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.