Cistra Innoterm
The Secure Online Desktop Computing Platform for Business

Cistra Technologies' Flagship service, Cistra Innoterm is a state of the art, worry free computing environment. Cistra Innoterm delivers to Users, a complete virtual desktop platform which includes software, programs, data, and e-mail, all accessed online through our secured servers and system technology. Think of the possibilities...

Protection. Freedom. Peace of Mind.

Your system is protected by cutting edge security, keeping your data safe from viruses, hackers and threats; your data is backed up automatically multiple times daily.

Have secure access to your complete desktop including your files, data, live e-mail, and software, anywhere, anytime from your computer or virtually any other computer connected to the internet.

Cistra Innoterm is a stable, worry free environment maintained and supported by our highly trained and certified technicians; allowing you to focus on more important things... like your business.