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Why Do I Need Cistra Innoterm?

Cistra Innoterm provides all of our users with an unparalleled enterprise class virtual computing environment. Our users enjoy reduced downtime and the consistent computing performance that they need to do their jobs and grow their business. Cistra Innoterm delivers real value for your IT dollar. Compare Cistra Innoterm vs. traditional IT models:

Data Backup


Cistra Innoterm

Most businesses use DVD's or CD's, USB removable drives, tapes, or have no backups at all.

Backups are managed by users leading to errors omissions, or no backup at all. Backup media can go missing, be stolen, or fail on restore attempts. Most businesses that lose their data are bankrupt within two years

We backup your data multiple times per day on enterprise class storage appliances that are replicated over multiple sites. Professional management of backups , media, and restorations means your data is safe and secure.




Data Security


Cistra Innoterm

Business and customer data is stored on users PC's or laptops or onsite servers.

Data on local machines can be lost due to hardware failure or theft. With identity theft becoming a major concern business data is a prime target for thieves. A stolen laptop or PC can be worth up to $140,000 on the black market

Client data and files are stored in high security datacenters. Data is only accessible with the correct login credentials. A failed hard drive or stolen laptop does not result in lost or compromised data.




Remote Access


Cistra Innoterm

Some businesses use commercial products to access their work PC. Others may use Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or have no remote access at all.

Commercial products and Windows RDP are slow and difficult to maintain. The connections can be insecure and require you to lower your business internet security to access your local computers or servers.

Remote access to your virtual desktop is provided thru secure VPN tunnels with strong encryption. Offsite access is also available thru a secure web portal giving you the ability to work from virtually any computer without security concerns




Business Continuity


Cistra Innoterm

Business continuity is a plan to restore a business in case of a disaster such as fire, flood, hardware failure, or other unforeseen events.

Most businesses do not have a continuity plan. They would have to purchase new equipment, software, and restore their business from backups and previous records. Downtime after a disaster can range from weeks to month. Some businesses never recover.

With Cistra Innoterm you would simply find another computer, login to your virtual desktop, and be back in business. All your files, data, and programs are delivered from multiple redundant datacenters and will be available to you and your employees from wherever you are.




IT Management


Cistra Innoterm

Businesses need to manage and maintain their IT resources. Working computers with current security, software, and maintenance are crucial to keeping your business productive.

Most companies are stuck in the break/fix, cycle. They spend money or use employee time to maintain their computers, upgrade software and hardware, and defend their computing environment from malware, viruses, spam and a host of other threats.

With Cistra Innoterm you can drastically reduce onsite maintenance, repair, and upgrade costs for your computers. Your local PC or laptop is simply used as an access point to get to your Cistra Innoterm virtual desktop. We provide the software, security, upgrades and protection that your business needs to be safe, secure, and productive.


Cistra Innoterm can give you an enterprise level virtual computing environment that will free you and your company from the burden of everyday IT computing challenges. With Cistra Innoterm you can stop worrying about your IT and concentrate on what you do best...building you business.
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